Being truly sustainable, we use only premium plant-based leather that is produced from the waste of wine industry -grape skins, stalks and seeds discarded during wine production are transformed into high quality vegan leather. This is reflected in the softness and comfort of all Lejasa products while wearing.

Vegan leather is the most ethical and eco- friendly option you can choose as it takes fewer resources to be produced, it causes almost no pollution compared to the contaminating leather industry and promotes animal rights. It’s the right choice for the animals, the people and our planet.


All of our products are handmade in Greece by local artisans that honor the tradition of Greek sandal and bags making to ensure the best quality possible – while at the same time we are minimizing our carbon footprint and supporting the local economy.


We suggest you treat your Lejasa product with care to prolong its longevity. Please keep products away from direct sun exposure that can make your vegan leather shrivel and crumble. Rough usage can damage your product so we recommend handling with care and avoiding abrasive surfaces that can scratch your product and cause raw edges to appear. Avoid extended contact with water as it might leave water marks.

When product is not in use, consider stuffing it with some clean parchment and slide it in its dust bag, stashing it safely in a clean and dry place.
To clean your shoes or bag simply wipe them with a clean damp cloth.